SHARKSKIN™ — Environmentally Conscious 

Powered by the sun, our commitment to zero carbon emissions and our Australian Made products make up our 5 company initiatives to being environmentally conscious. 

Powered By The Sun 

We are pleased to announce Sharkskin’s new building is 100% solar powered, meaning zero carbon emissions.


Leader In Environmental Manufacturing 

Sharkskin manufactures in its own factory, we strictly control waste and efficiency, we use solar power, pack in compostable/ biodegradable bags, we pack our orders effectively to reduce freight and waste. Most importantly we build products to last. Products that stand the test of time.

built to last 

Biodegradable Packaging

Sharkskin is always striving to find ways to help the environment. In line with our continued track to reduce our environmental impact we have moved to biodegradable packaging. 95% of our range is currently being used with a goal to have 100% of our range use this packaging soon. All items manufactured will be packed in new bags but items in stock will be in existing packaging.


Australian Made

We are proud to announce that we have been accredited to use the official Australian made Logo. The official website states, “The famous ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ (AMAG) logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It’s Australia’s most trusted, most recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and it’s underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures, products that carry the logo are genuinely Australian”. 

Australian made