Chillproof Scuba Diver in water



      Sharkskin Chillproof

      SHARKSKIN's legendary Chillproof garments use a 3 layer technical material that was invented to be better than 3mm neoprene in warmer waters. 

      The inner layer features a "hollow yarn" fleece that holds and warms water next to the skin while in the water.  The middle technical layer is a one-way membrane that regulates body temperature on the surface by keeping out wind and water but allowing water from the inner layer to wick rapidly away from the body.  The outer layer is a nylon/lycra blend with exceptional four-way stretch, is abrasion resistant and has a water-repellant finish that sheds water.

      Unlike neoprene, Chillproof garments are thinner, easier to don and doff, neutrally buoyant, non-compressible and can be worn under wet or dry suits for additional thermal protection in colder water.

      If you need more warmth than 3mm, then check out SHARKSKIN's new Titanium product range featuring Chillproof material embedded with nanoparticles of titanium.