Men's Tops

Men's Tops

Men's Wetsuit Tops Reinvented


      Men's Wetsuit Tops: Watersports Apparel Reinvented

      Experience the evolution in water sports apparel with Sharkskin’s range of men's wetsuit tops. We've pushed technical boundaries, reinvented norms, and developed game-changing materials for a truly unrivalled performance on and below the water.

       Our men's wetsuit tops, from long-sleeve and short-sleeve wetsuit tops to wetsuit sleeveless vests for men, are more than just water sports garments. They're innovative water sports apparel solutions that merge superior comfort, warmth, and performance into one. Whether you're scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming or simply enjoying the water, these tops provide exceptional upper body warmth without the excess bulk or buoyancy issues often linked with traditional wetsuits.

       The secret lies in our revolutionary 3-layer Chillproof material. Non-compressible and neutrally buoyant, Chillproof offers the insulation of a 2-3mm neoprene wetsuit but without the inconvenience of having to add additional weight. This versatile fabric can be worn standalone in tropical and warmer waters or layered under a wetsuit or other Sharkskin garments in temperate or colder waters for additional protection against the wind chill and cold.

       For those seeking an extra boost in warmth, our Titanium T2 Chillproof range integrates titanium nano-technology, delivering even better insulation equivalent to a 4-5mm neoprene wetsuit. Far infrared (FIR) energy is utilised, enhancing warmth and offering additional health, performance, and recovery benefits.

      The Performance Wear range optimises all available Sharkskin material technologies, focusing on creating the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, breathability, and performance.

       The Sharkskin Rapid Dry fabric revolutionises the concept of traditional rash guards, offering superior insulation to traditional rashies, maximum UPF50+ sun protection, and 100% chlorine resistance.

       When you choose Sharkskin, you're not just choosing another wetsuit top. You're investing in the latest most progressive approach to water sports apparel, crafted with innovative material technology, cutting-edge design, and the utmost commitment to quality. Proudly designed and manufactured in our purpose-built factory in Newcastle, Australia, our products echo our ethos of responsive innovation.

      Before deciding on your perfect Sharkskin men's wetsuit top, consider the critical features of wetsuit thickness, wetsuit design, and wetsuit material. Want to know more? Explore some of the helpful pages to learn more about us. 

      Why Sharkskin Men's Wetsuit Tops

      • Key Features: Made from our revolutionary Sharkskin materials - durable, flexible, breathable, UPF50+, and designed for performance.
      • Versatile styles: From short sleeve men's wetsuit tops to long sleeve wetsuit tops for increased coverage, to the super functional wetsuit sleeveless vest.
      • Advanced Fabric Technologies: From the innovative Chillproof and Rapid Dry materials for optimal insulation and sun protection to our Titanium T2 Chillproof, Performance Wear, and R-Series Compression ranges that incorporate heat-generating Liquid Titanium technology.
      • Ideal for all Seasons: Whether the water is warm, cold, or in-between, Sharkskin has a solution to keep you warm in, on and under the water.

       Dive into the future of water sports apparel with Sharkskin. Shop our selection today and feel the difference for yourself.