Man surfing wave



      Board Sports with Sharkskin

      Surf and other board watersports involve full submersion as well as above water paddling.  SHARKSKIN gives you a truly amphibious product range providing excellent in water thermal protection as well as flexible and breathable performance above the water to keep you comfortable and able to performance at your best.

      SHARKSKIN Titanium garments have revolutionized surfing comfort with a flexible fleece fabric that is breathable, windchill proof, and dries quickly when being worn. This unique 3-layer fabric is warmer and much more comfortable than a wetsuit or other lycra or cotton garments – especially for surf where you are in and out of the water and therefore openly exposed to the effects of windchill.

      SHARKSKIN can be worn by itself as a stand-alone garment, or underneath a wetsuit to add extra warmth and protection from windchill, or ‘layered’ with other Sharkskin garments to give you the ability to increase or decrease warmth levels in changing environments.

      In warmer water, try a SHARKSKIN Rapid Dry!  It’s the ideal product for all board watersports in summer or layered with Chillproof garments in winter. The fabric has a water repellent treatment (WRT) and its loose stylish fit looks good in, on or around the waves.  Above all, it dries unbelievably quickly so you don't get cold when out of the water.