Collection: JETSKI

SHARKSKIN Is perfect for jetski and other power water sports.  The breathable yet 100% windproof properties of Chillproof fabric make it ideal for high speed, adrenaline based power watersports.

SHARKSKIN Chillproof garments have revolutionized the power watersports industry with a comfortable and flexible fleece fabric that is breathable, windproof, and dries quickly when worn.  This unique 3-layer fabric has been developed and then further refined and improved to be much warmer and much more comfortable than a wetsuit or other lycra or cotton garments – especially on powered watercraft where you are moving and getting wet and splashed and therefore openly exposed to the effects of windchill.

SHARKSKIN can be worn by itself as a stand-alone garment, or underneath a wetsuit or underneath ‘dry tops’ and ‘dry pants’ to add extra warmth and protection from windchill, or “layered” with other Sharkskin garments to give you the ability to increase or decrease warmth levels in changing environments.

A great jetski product combination is a SHARKSKIN Titanium top for extra warmth paired with Performance pants which feature backside and knee abrasion protection.  Pair these with a SHARKSKIN dry bag and you'll be good to go all day!

Power Sports with Sharkskin

How Sharkskin Titanium works

Nano particles of titanium have been embedded into Sharkskin Chillproof material to reflect and retain significantly more body heat. This thermal effect almost doubles the heat retention of the material compared to standard Chillproof products.